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How to Choose the Right Warehouse For Your Wholesale Furniture

Once you have ordered your containers of furniture from your overseas of local wholesale furniture manufacturer, it is time to find a place to store it until your furniture store customers send in their purchase orders. furniture wholesalers trade only We recommend a warehouse that specializes in storage of dry goods over one that is partially refrigerated, set up or industrial use such as a tool and dye or a light assembly warehouse. If you pay attention to the size of the warehouse and the size of your purchase orders, you should not run into space problems.

We have moved our wholesale furniture warehouse seven times in seven years so we are no strangers to both good and bad ideas when it comes to furniture storage. The first attribute you should look for in a good warehouse is the ceiling height. Keep in mind the taller the better. Wholesale furniture is usually packed in irregular shaped boxes and is typically tall when standing on end. The higher you can stack an item, the better off you are going to be. Warehouses typically do not charge by the height of the building, they charge by the square foot. With a very tall building you can stack very high and for free.

Only rent wholesale furniture space according to your purchase order needs. If you think you are going to be growing your business in the upcoming ye

ars, put a clause in your lease for a grow up and grow out. This would mean that if you got larger you can buy your way out of the lease if you need to move. Sometimes it makes more sense to find the largest property management company in your area that has the most space so you can move within their network of buildings easily. When you place your original orders, do a cubic foot calculation for your warehouse and keep your space somewhere in that range. Do not under purchase but also be sure that you are not over purchasing.

While managing your wholesale furniture warehouse space is going to require a feel for your own business ebb and flow, paying attention to how much space you are renting will help smooth out some rough spots when it comes to business cycles. Your own business judgment is going to be the most important tool you can use for future planning but for your original warehouse space, caution rather than optimism is usually the best policy.


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